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Navitek is a Swedish boat brand with its own range of aluminum boat models. Our goal is to provide you with quality aluminum boats at an affordable price and fast delivery! Our goal is that the customer should be satisfied at all times when owning a NAVITEK boat!

The Navitek 20 is the first boat in the series and you can choose from 5 different floor plans, and add the equipment you want. You can also request a quote on a Tohatsu or Yamaha motor.


If you wish, we will also build a boat to suit your needs, which is well suited for fishing, water sports and excursions.

Alternatively, for example, in addition to the large throwing level in front of the boat, you can choose a stable targa arch with a hook for water skiing. The recommended engine power is 80-150 hp. According to weight and design calculations, at a speed of 150 hp, you can reach a speed of up to 49 knots!

We build all our boat models according to your wishes, and the boats can be equipped simply as a practical work boat or with high-quality materials. We build according to your needs - at an unbeatable price!

The spacious boat offers a wide variety of storage spaces and makes using the Navitek 20 comfortable and safe. Swimming platforms make it easy to move around the engine and make it easier to get in and out of the water. The Navitek 20 is the perfect boat choice when you compare quality to price - and note. short delivery time!


  • Tekniset tiedot


    Design and Marine Construction - Navitek, Sweden

    LoA - 6.07 meters

    Length of waterline - 5.62 m

    Width - 2.23m

    Depth - 0.35 m

    Height of the nave - 0.94 m

    Height from the edge - 0.62 m

    Transom height - 0.51 m

    Hull material - marine grade aluminum 5083

    Material thickness of the keel - 3 mm

    Material thickness of the base - 5 mm

    Material thickness of bottom beams - 4 mm

    Edge thickness - 4 mm

    Material thickness transom - 5 mm

    Body angles (stern / center / front) - 22 ° / 23 ° / 46 °

    Weight - 1200 kg (preliminary)

    Fuel tank fixed - 100L

    Number of passengers - 6 people

    MAX load weight - 600 kg

    Recommended engine power - 80-150 hp

    MAX speed 150 hp - about 49 knots

    CE certificate - class C

  • Standard specification

    Control panel + Steering wheel -

    Navitek chairs, fully upholstered

    Control panel storage compartment

    Hydraulic steering


    Solid fuel tank 100 liters

    Electric bilge pump

    Self-draining body

    Non-slip floor

    12v socket

    Navigation lights LED

    Grip handles 45 mm

    Swimming platforms on both sides

    Stairs integrated in the bathing platform

    Storage compartments at the front and back


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    Securemark -turvamerkintä

    Nanokäsitelty runko

    Tuolin suojus

    Istuintyynyt takasohvaan

    Selkätyynyt takasohvaan

    Istuintyyny/Istuintyynyt ohjauspulpetin eteen

    Targa -kaari

    Targa -kaareen koukku vesihiihtoa varten 

    Targa-kaaren yläosa

    Lisämoottorin teline uistelua varten 


    Maalattu runko, RAL-värit


    Mente-Marine trimmien automaattinen ohjausyksikkö

Näyttökuva 2020-10-5 kello
Näyttökuva 2020-10-5 kello

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