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Emme valitettavasti myy kyseessä olevia venäjällä vamistettuja veneitä, johtuenVenäjän hyökkäyksestä Ukrainaan!



New Arrivals
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Thank you for getting to know our boats! If any of our boats interested you, we will be happy to give you more information or we will be happy to put you an offer for the boat of your choice. Fill out the contact form below

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Fredrik Olovsson
070 - 029 31 04



We are a 100% domestic company, and we represent and sell high-quality aluminum boats designed in Germany, designed by Norwegian Kurt Strand and made in Russia, designed for Nordic conditions -


  • Marine aluminum is a strong material that requires little maintenance.

  • The aluminum boat offers its owner a longer boat season

  • Especially in northern Europe and Scandinavian countries with rocky beaches and shallow waters, varying weather conditions, aluminum boats are the best choice for these conditions. For this reason, professionals also prefer an aluminum boat.

  • Aluminum boats have good corrosion resistance and can last up to 30-40 years. This longevity affects the high resale value of aluminum boats.

  • Aluminum has considerable flexibility and flexibility why it withstands hard shocks and is also able to withstand permanent deformations without fractures because aluminum as a material absorbs shock energy into itself.

  • Aluminum boats are up to 40% lighter than fiberglass boats, and up to 55% lighter than steel boats. This weight saving offers many benefits such as higher boat speeds, easier boat transport and handling on land, lightness also allows for higher payloads and lower fuel consumption.

  • Ultraviolet rays do not affect aluminum, which in turn can damage GPR boats.

  • Aluminum does not burn!

  • Aluminum is 100% recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly material than fiberglass. Aluminum recovery is a shorter, less complicated, more efficient and cheaper process than GPR boat recovery.

At Teknomar, we use only the highest quality, best materials (marine-grade aluminum 5083) and parts, and all of our boats are the result of high professionalism. Therefore, TEKNOMAR, NAVITEK and VENTUM boats are strong and durable, and are very suitable for year-round use in all and even harsh conditions. That is why we only trust the best engine manufacturers - YAMAHA - TOHATSU, which increase the reliability and functionality of our boats.

Our customers are recreational boaters and professional fishermen in Scandinavia and elsewhere in the EU, who require a seaworthy boat but still appreciate the elegant design.

The design and marine architecture of our boat is the result of the design of the best Western engineers. We are also open to discuss customized design, needs, and are able to quickly make an offer for the whole.

The quality of construction and welding is based on the years of experience of our employees. We build our boats according to DNV classification, Nordic Boat Standard and CE certification.

Boating Regards

Kari Tarvainen

Managing director

Teknomar Boats

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